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“Effective Risk Management”, requires robust methodology, expertise, field intelligence and a software adapted to analyze these components and to ensure their continuity. Failure in one of these reduces risk management effectiveness, delays the development of corporate memory, and leads to prolonged inefficient use of money and time.

CollEx continuously develops its powerful algorithms and functions meeting different expertise, experience and risk perspectives of its customers operating in a broad range of industries and supports its users in their decision-making processes.

Time is valuable! Maximize analysis and planning by cutting down time spent on report preparation…

Accounting softwares are complex 

Using numerous debt collection tools makes performance evaluation challenging 

Excel is hardly a bullet-proof tool

Report preparation takes significant time 

…anticipate opportunities and take action effectively

Reduce average Duration to Collect 

• Improve your cash flow

• Reduce financing costs

• Increase profitability

Manage credit limits defined to your customers

• Dynamically manage credit limits

• Maximise additional sales opportunities

• Keep your risks low 

• Dynamically    manage credit    limits

• Maximise additional    sales opportunities

• Keep your risks low 

Increase communica-tion by
establishing a common language

• Improve availability of critical information at all organization levels

• Simplify information

• Reduce time spent for report preparation

• Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of finance, accounting and sales teams

Measure and assess performance

• Monitor important    KPIs

• Work with focus to    meet your    objectives 

CollEx generates critical financial information using accurate methodology and accelerates the decision making process through its easy to understand reports.

CollEx, for decisions requiring customer risk assessment, provides flexible and clear analysis tables, metrics and scores, through its smart calculation engine which can be integrated to any accounting software and its cloud based technology.

Can be integrated to any accounting software

Parametric structure adaptable to different industrial norms

Risk assessment algorithms and indicators

Assessment of past performance and trends

Cloud based

CollEx, adaptable to companies of any size with number of customers making risk monitoring difficult, and who aims to build a structure to monitor and rate customer risks.     

Pınar Derkazez

+ 20 years experience in management consulting specialized in strategy, finance and operations.

Areas of focus include consumer goods, retail and B2B sectors.

Founder of CollEx, developed the idea and designed the prototype.

Contact: +90 532 4320544

Ceki Granti

+25 years experience in developing IT and software systems with his company, Grant-Soft.
Hobbies include software, databases, robotics, music and being a DJ.

Co-founder of CollEx, made the idea come to life. 

Contact: +90 532 2627962


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